Diana’s touching request for when Prince Harry turned 30 revealed

Her sons were always on her mind.

The will of Princess Diana contained a tear-jerker request for when her youngest son, Prince Harry, turned 30.

The 'People's Princess', as she was affectionately known, died tragically in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

According to the Mirror, several years before she died Diana wrote out a number of final wishes, including what her sons William and Harry should receive in the event of her passing.

Included among those gifts were the Princess of Wales' iconic 1981 wedding gown, which her son Harry was to receive on his 30th birthday.

The dress created by designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel caused a sensation when Diana married Prince Charles in July 1981.

The document with her wishes was signed by Diana in 1993, but was amended and resigned in 1996.


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